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WhiteOx takes the lead in the P2E gaming revolution

WhiteOx takes the lead in the P2E gaming revolution

Malta, Valletta, March 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — WhiteOx Ecosystem recently launched a number of digital products, including IGO Launchpad and the Accelerator Platform with an exclusive WhiteOx Power Level reputation development mechanism, allowing participants not only to make profit, but to make this process a game, create a distinct and interesting crossover to retain and win in the ecosystem. The first game announced on the platform is Arcane World of Crypto Legends – a collectible card game based on the Master&Earn philosophy, with a well-designed story and an innovative game economy.

Shinobu Kurosawa, WhiteOx Marketing & Ecosystem Advisor says: “The metaverse is a difficult task and it takes time to create. WhiteOx is focused on creating the fully immersive and interactive Metaverse environment based on WOX GENesis Multi-Chain, which begins the next evolutionary stage of the game blockchain industry, providing everyone with the opportunity to search , join other players to do quests and find rare items, capitalize on their experience, go through GEN portals to quickly discover project partners in the ecosystem, earn smartNFT and many other things .

He further adds, “However, WhiteOx’s smartNFT technology created for the Metaverse will allow developers to easily encode smart NFTs, which can react and grow through interaction with users, and this will be the basis of the Metaverse. Communities equal to users, then GameFi/P2E with Web3.0 and NFT, to create the WhiteOx Metaverse. We are ready for it.

WhiteOx solves GameFi problems

WhiteOx uses the WhiteOx Power Level $WPL reputation development mechanism to invest in futuristic crypto gaming projects. It is built on a scalable and secure WOX GENesis multi-chain interacting with Polygon and BSC sidechains.

P2P trading issues

While most crypto gaming platforms do not allow peer-to-peer trading of in-game items, the WhiteOX platform allows players to buy and sell in-game items as NFTs from transparent manner. Its transparent model allows players to trade without any security issues.

Limitation of blockchain game integration

Mainstreaming blockchain game integration is difficult due to excessive research, marketing, and security updates. Therefore, most companies refrain from using the technology. The WPL token is standard across the gaming ecosystem, making it easy to create multiplayer games.

Marketing and promotion with IoT

Marketing and promotion challenges to attract players and investors to crypto games can be costly. WhiteOx helps developers bring their blockchain games to market and sell products through IoT. Platforms help organize IDOs, offer technical support and help the token economy in the seed and incubation stage.

Features of WhiteOx

The platform is a combination of the following features in one place.

IGO launch bar

The blockchain game launchpad focuses on growing the ecosystem with IGO methods like public launches and private sales.

GameFi and NFT aggregation pool

He focuses on monetizing, funding, and selling projects while managing digital assets in blockchain games and the metaverse.

P2E Games Guild

It helps build a community of investors and P2E enthusiasts with engaging experiences like airdrops, giveaways, streams, quests, and tournaments.


It provides extensive support for developers to create projects, raise capital and sell in-game NFTs to raise capital with sustainable strategies and campaign launches.


It offers a DAO structure dependent on a methodical and holistic approach to decentralization.

NFT Market

The NFT Marketplace also offers in-game NFT asset drops involving characters, game items, and more.


It presents a unique way to be part of a tiered supplemental income program.

Other Features

  • WhiteOx Apps
  • NFT auto-strike
  • Staking and farming
  • metaverse game
  • League NFT eSport Games

WhiteOx Collective DAO aims to create a valuable platform for P2E players and investors. The ecosystem will provide a unique experience and investment option associated with gaming, social network and NFT in the blockchain metaverse.

WhiteOx is currently in stage 2 of its roadmap working on IGO Launchpad and Metaverse and building the NFT ecosystem. They will also be giving away weekly freebies throughout Phase 2. Their next IGO card game for NFTs Arcane World of Crypto Legends will start on March 30, 2022 at 13:00 UTC with an AWC token price of $0.02 before launch.

About WhiteOX

The WhiteOx brings together the advantages of GameFi and NFT & Metaverses. It helps people generate income from NFT Grails while playing fun games.

The ecosystem also aims to educate enthusiasts to understand and use the CeDeFi, NFT and Play2Earn concepts. The easy-to-use interactive platform helps investors make profits while solving the three main problems of the GameFi world.

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