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Urien just received one of the most extreme balance changes ever seen in Street Fighter 5

Urien just received one of the most extreme balance changes ever seen in Street Fighter 5

It will go into effect tomorrow when the final update goes live

Capcom has launched the highly anticipated Street Fighter 5 Final Patch Notes yesterday which, as expected, was filled to the brim with balance changes for every character on the roster. The community is collectively sifting through everything before the update officially goes live tomorrow to find out who the biggest winners are, the biggest losers, and any notable changes that could change the game.

Well, when it comes to the biggest losers and potential game changers, it seems like an extreme balance tweak is the most talked about by the community right now. Urien’s EX Headbutt has seen a slew of changes in the upcoming patch, but the biggest one is the fact that he’s had his invincibility removed entirely.

Urien has been considered a strong character for several years now, with Season 5’s version of him being particularly good. Street Fighter 3’s mighty competitor Third Strike this season is often placed in the top 5 of tier lists, with some having it as high as number 1 in the entire game.

By Capcom’s own admission in the latest patch notes, Urien had just a little too much in too many combat areas. His range, strong normals, zoned with Metallic Sphere, and built-in Aegis V-Trigger 1 reflector make him a tough fighter to defeat, so this time around a conscious effort was made to nerf his defensive options instead of aspects. offenses that make him Urien. .

EX Dangerous Headbutt, a move that was designed to be an invincible knockdown and has been since Season 1, has now had all of its invincibility removed. It’s certainly one of the most extreme changes we’ve ever seen in Street Fighter 5, and the implications of what it could mean for the character are significant.

While there were probably thousands of balance changes made to Street Fighter 5 over its six-year lifespan, I can’t remember a time when a move that was designed to be a invincible EX knockdown at its base has had this facet removed. We’ve seen the universal change to Dragon Punches and regular uppercuts losing invulnerability since Season 1, but this was a drastic change to the overall game and not a specific tweak aimed at one character.

The complete changes to EX Dangerous Headbutt in the next definitive update are listed as follows:

[Normal/V-Skill I] EX Dangerous Headbutt

1. Added danger zone between frames 1 and 16.

2. Added a launch box between frames 5 and 16.
3. Removed counter box after hitbox generation.
4. Increased damage from 80 to 100.
5. Increased stun damage from 80 to 100.
6. Changed frame advantage on block from -17F to -10F.
7. Decreased block landing recovery time from 21F to 14F.
8. Decreased puff landing recovery time from 31F to 16F.
9. Increased hit landing recovery time from 16F to 17F.
10. Increased combo count limit on 1st and 2nd attacks.
11. Reduced the starting value of the number of combos and the gain of the 1st attack.
12. Increased combo count gain for 2nd attack.
13. Increased knockback distance on hit for 2nd attack.
14. Will no longer clip through the opponent when doing a mid-air hitstun in the corner.
15. Removed 1.2x damage hitbox from all action.

• [Normal] Dangerous Headbutt EX Increased distance traveled forward.

• [V-Skill I] Dangerous Headbutt EX Added armor to the Danger Zone between frames 3 and 15.

Capcom explained the biggest change to the special move in layman’s terms with the overall description of Urien’s changes. “In addition to removing its full invincibility when performing an EX Dangerous Headbutt, we’ve adjusted its range and combo count, and it can now be used to follow up a combo,” the patch notes read. .

There are a few new perks to the move, such as the aforementioned increased range and combo ability, but losing all invincibility is a major and staggering change that will alter the way the character is played.

Now Urien’s Dangerous EX Headbutt is slower to start than other EX Awakening attacks in the game, and as a result players who have worked the match often bait him with meaty light attacks allowing them to block it and punish it completely. Either way, losing that “let go” revival trait is huge, and it now means the threat of such an attack is gone for Urien.

When Urien has a meter, just knowing that an EX headbutt can be fired at any time during an enemy blockstring creates that pressure and fear for the opponent, forcing them to respect Urien’s space even when he is on his back. On top of that, when an EX Headbutt is successful, it leads to follow-up combos, including those using his powerful Aegis Reflector.

This done, however, Urien will to have to withstand more offensive pressure, learn to block more effectively, and really pick his spots to find room to breathe when the opponent chokes him. When the opponent enters Urien’s face after the update, he can stay there and continue to rush him without much fear of a counterattack.

As for defensive attacks, Urien can still use V-Skill 1 to put on armor and then EX Headbutt on oncoming attacks for a chance to pierce. He can also use Critical Art for a higher risk, higher reward option to knock the opponent back.

But one thing cannot be overstated, losing the usefulness and convenience that a 1-bar EX invincible reversal provides is a blow to one’s arsenal. It’s one of those extreme balance changes that could very well see Urien players moving away from the fighter en masse in search of someone stronger.

All that said, it’s entirely possible that Urien’s very powerful offensive options and the newly removed effectiveness of his best defensive option could very well help balance the character and make him more enjoyable to fight. This definitely seems like the plan Capcom has for the top fighter, and we won’t know how things play out until the community gets their hands on the update.

Even if Urien eventually stays strong, but becomes more fair and normalized, the removal of invincibility on EX Dangerous Headbutt as a standalone change (into the void) is truly extreme. It’s interesting to see Capcom make such a 180 turn on a move that’s been around since Season 1 with literally the last major balance update the game should see, but ultimately it might just end up being the right move.

One thing is certain, Urien players will surely not be happy in advance.

What do you think of this big change to Urien’s EX Dangerous Headbutt? Let us know in the comments below.