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Tunic Review | Gamer on PC

Tunic Review |  Gamer on PC

must know

What is that? An isometric Zelda with a foxy hero.
Expect to pay $30/£25
Developer Team Tunic
Editor Finji
Reviewed on Intel Core i7-11700K, GeForce RTX 3070, 16GB RAM
Multiplayer? No
Link Official site

On the surface, Tunic’s delightful art style and charming tone bears a striking resemblance to The Legend of Zelda series. But beneath its cheerfully disarming exterior lies a game meant to test your resolve. The seemingly warm and welcoming world of Tunic is full of enemies who are only too willing to knock you out. Prepare to die. Many.

Beyond an abrupt opening that sees our fox friend wash up on a beach, there’s little narrative. And what little plot Tunic has is deliberately vague. The larger mystery of this world is a nice addition to the game rather than a compelling reason to play. Just delving into its fascinating surroundings, battling with its unsavory inhabitants, and discovering its many layers is a compelling story all its own. This beautifully constructed isometric world is simply joyful to explore. The game’s overworld and many dungeons offer complex and varied environments. Some are filled with dangerous obstacles, such as the greedy quarry goop, while others offer an easier search for treasure, shortcuts, and a way forward.

(Image credit: Finji)

Like Metroidvania, you’ll need the right tools and abilities to reach certain areas. Many locations in the game can be explored directly from the beach, but the difficulty or lack of equipment prevents you from straying too far from the path intended by the game. For example, you have access to the Dark Tomb from the start, but good chance to tackle its skeletons and spike pits without finding the lantern first. I enjoyed revisiting areas with an expanded inventory that allowed me to claim previously unreachable treasures.