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Try these quizzes to boost your brain

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While many consider Trivias a workout for the brain, they can be a lot of fun to play with friends or on your own. Topics can range from science, math, or the arts, prompting you to reminisce about past memory — things you may have learned as a kid. It’s a laid-back experience, where answering questions gives you a dopamine rush and losing doesn’t seem frustrating.

Same netflix recently announced an interactive Trivia Quest game, which will take viewers through 24 questions each day for the month of April. Trivia could range from science to pop culture (possibly Netflix properties), and will be shared in a multiple-choice format. In the meantime, here are some fun Trivia games you could try.

The Jackbox Party

Have you ever had one of those weekend game nights where you get a group of friends together and play fun board games? The Jackbox Party offers the same experience, but in an online digital format. This is a complete set of installs where each pack comes with five built-in games that can be played remotely in large groups. Only one person needs to own the game, while others can simply participate by entering a “room code” through the official website, phone app, or through the game itself. Players will be tasked with solving puzzles, drawings, word games and several quizzes. It also has an original game host and can be played in conjunction with Twitch, allowing viewers to participate.

Based on the popular American TV show, where two families compete to name popular answers to survey questions, the game can be played for free on Arcadium. The free online games website allows you to play against randoms to compete for points and in-game money through a round-based system. The closer you get to a survey answer, the more points you earn, which translates into money. For a more interactive experience, you can try the paid ($10) versions on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation, which add a virtual host, custom characters, and location. It also offers a classic mode, where you can compete against an AI and learn the general rules.

While waiting for an update to finish downloading, one can easily open Discord, hit screen sharing, and start playing this browser trivia game with friends. This game has 6 categories to choose from – Arts, Science, Entertainment, History, Geography and General Knowledge. On the screen you will see a deck of cards lying around. The screen sharer could act as the host and ask other members questions and reveal answers by turning over the cards. And it’s endless – you can keep scrolling and keep being greeted with new questions.


As the name suggests, TriviaMaker lets you create and host your own fun virtual show. Members join with the built-in video call feature, and the user chooses from 4 different play styles – grid, trivia, list and wheel modes to create and assign questions. The app is primarily used by teachers to create an engaging classroom experience and even has hundreds of pre-made games to choose from. Participants just need to enter the URL and it does not ask for any login credentials. TriviaMaker can be downloaded from Android and iOS app stores and can also be played on a browser.

Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack starts with a multicolored wheel spin, containing a range of topics. Players can choose to answer the question to earn points and progress or get three extra chances to spin the wheel, in case they get a topic they know little about. There’s also a multiplayer element, allowing you to compete against online randoms and try to answer the same questions with a time limit. The next Netflix quiz we mentioned above is based on that, and it’s available to download on Android and iOS.