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Top tips, tricks, secrets and more

Top tips, tricks, secrets and more

A player points a gun at a dragon in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands.

Screenshot: Gearbox

If you played Borderlandsyou played The wonders of Tiny Tina. Gearbox’s latest, a fantastic take on the loot-shooting series the studio is known for, looks a lot like the previous four games – and all 400 expansions and events – in the series. You fire a bazillion guns. You find a bazillion more.

Corn Wonderland is more than it seems. I’ve spent much of the past week playing around with the game and found it to be a surprisingly refreshing break from the norm. Borderlands plan. In fact, I even had to – and it might be hard to believe – learn new things. Here are 13 tips and tricks I wish I had known from the start.

You can choose a second class

Wonderland has six Classes, and makes you choose yours when creating a new character. Each class only has one skill tree, and while the blurb gives you a decent overview of each, it doesn’t let you see the entire skill tree. Personally, I hate when games make you select a class from the start: it’s a shame to make such a crucial choice without having the slightest idea of ​​how the game will work! Wonderland, however, makes it a bit easier pill by letting you select a secondary class down the line. This option becomes available once you complete the “Emotion of the Ocean” story mission.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands map shows a feather icon for fast travel.

Look for this symbol to help with quick travel.
Screenshot: Gearbox / Kotaku

You can fast travel from the map

Confession: I spent the first hours of Wonderland fast traveling from the various teleportation machines around the world. Yeah, about that… You can fast travel directly from the map by taking advantage of the fast travel menu (in the map menu) or by holding “A” on any feather icons (also on the map). Here, here for convenience!

Gold equipment is rare

Borderlands 3 shot himself in the foot dropping gold tier items – the rarest gear, most of which have unique perks – at, oh, about the same rate he would drop mics like ammunition and gold. In The wonders of Tiny Tina, at least in the pre-endgame campaign, I found gold weapons to be extremely rare. So far, I’ve only won a handful. If you’re playing a cordial game of “coopetition,” the setting where loot is shared between players, keep that in mind when it comes to dividing up loot. You might not see another gold sniper for a while.

Bonus tip for co-op: By its nature, the mode of coopetition requires a certain competition. If that’s not what you want, you can just play the standard co-op mode, where the loot is unique to each player. But it is also important to focus on the “co-op” part of “co-opetition”. My rule? Anything that drops with cannon fodder is fair game. Loot earned from chests and bosses requires diplomacy, however.

But not always better

Loot in The wonders of Tiny Tina is color-coded according to a rarity system you’re probably familiar with, from most common to least common: White, green, blue, mauveand gold. It’s second nature to assume that rarer gear is automatically better. But don’t sleep on the common stuff. Right now, for example, with my main character, green weapons take up two of my four weapon slots. It’s worth inspecting and trying out every new weapon before selling it immediately.

In singleplayer, you can see all of a weapon’s information on a pop-up overview by hovering over it in your inventory. When playing split-screen, however, you don’t see any of that. To preview, you need to click the right thumbstick.

There is a specific noise for high level gear

You can spot a loot’s rarity level by keeping an eye out for specific color-coded beams of light, but there’s another clue. When the purple gear drops you will hear a ch-ching! (It’s a bit stronger for gold weapons.) This is your sign that there’s a rare item somewhere in the field. Course!

The more dice you find, the better your loot

Most good loot comes from coffers and boss fightscorn Wonderland introduces a third option. You will find gold, 20 sided dice scattered across the map, usually hidden off the beaten path. Open them and you will get some loot. And the more dice you find, the better loot you will get from following die that you find in that given region. You can check how many dice you’ve found in a region by opening your map, switching to the “progress” tab, and scrolling down to the “lucky dice” bar.

Melee weapons are actually effective

For years, melee attacks in Borderlands were a joke (with apologies to Krieg and Zer0 fans). Wonderland shakes that up by introducing a new category of weapons: Melee Weapons. These tools – axes, swords, halberds, maces and other Renaissance toys – are every bit as effective and as varied as the “bazillions of weapons” the game’s marketing likes to proclaim. Use them!

You can collect resources in bulk

It’s a thing of Borderlands past that has made its way towards Wonderland: You can press “X” (on Xbox) to pick up each piece of ammo or gold. Or you can hold it down to collect all minor collectibles at once. (This is extremely useful for the many fetch quests that let you collect 20 Goblin Teeth or whatever.)

Likewise, holding “X” while looking at a piece of gear on the ground allows you to equip it directly rather than inserting it into your inventory menu first.

A player looks at a blue shotgun in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands on Xbox Series X.

See that red bucket on those items on the right? This means that something is marked as “trash”.
Screenshot: Gearbox / Kotaku

And you can sell trash in bulk

The easiest way to earn money The wonders of Tiny Tina is to pick up everything, even the material at the garbage level, and sell it. You can mark items as trash by clicking the left analog stick on any trash item in your menu. The next time you find a sellerusually by fast travel places, go to the to sell tab and press “Y” to sell it all instantly.

Elemental weaknesses help (big time)

weapons in Wonderland can drop with one of four elements, each of which is more effective against a specific health category:

  • Fire arms deal extra damage against red health bars.
  • caustic weapons deal extra damage against yellow armor bars.
  • Electric weapons deal extra damage against blue shield bars.
  • Frost Weapons deals extra damage against gray BONE bars (a new health classification in the series).
  • Alright, fine, there’s technically a fifth “dark magic”, but it doesn’t deal any additional damage. It just heals you.

Paying attention to type matches is not necessary at all on the standard difficulty level; you can pretty much smash your way through anything. But on intensethe highest setting, it becomes imperative—and makes the game a bit more engaging as a result.

You can swap your weapons with the D-pad

Default in Wonderland, you can press “Y” to swap weapons, while tapping left or right on the D-pad lets you quickly cycle through missions. Meanwhile, pressing the D-pad will swap a weapon’s fire mode, if, for example, you have one of those fancy sniper rifles that can also transform into a shotgun.

But if you swap the button control schemes – in the controls menu, press the right trigger twice, from the standard setting to classic one, you will map your weapons in each direction of the D-pad. At first, when you can only equip two guns, relying on a single button to swap isn’t a problem. However, once you start carrying four, browsing through your guns can get boring. The only downside to switching to the D-pad? To select a mission different from the one you are in, you must [gasp] open your menu.

You can organize the menu

Like the previous Borderlands Games, The wonders of Tiny Tina has a disaster of a menu, all cluttered and disorganized. But you can avail yourself of certain organizational options. In your newspaper, you can press “X” to switch between two display modes. “Quest type” differentiates between main missions and side quests etc., while switching to “region” will sort your quests by, well, region. In your inventory, you can hit the right trigger to reorder your gear by rarity, weapon type, and rating (essentially, its effectiveness relative to your level).

water kills you

Wonderland takes place in an imaginary fantasy world in an imaginary sci-fi world, where ghosts and dragons are as common as people, where pirate ships can appear out of nowhere, where you can accomplish all sorts of feats as far beyond what any human could do. But the second you hit the water? Dead. With a piece of your gold. You have been warned!