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Thursday GFN: Play games on phones with GeForce NOW

Thursday GFN: Play games on phones with GeForce NOW

Who says you have to pause your game just because you’re not on your PC?

This Thursday GFN examines how GeForce NOW makes PC gaming possible on Android and iOS mobile devices to support gamers on the go.

This week also comes with some nice in-game rewards for members who play eternal returnwith two unique skins, including Military Doctor Cathy and an NVIDIA-exclusive GeForce NOW Silvia.

Moreover, there is the most recent cloud content with season 12 of Apex Legendsthe ‘Joseph: Collapse’ far cry 6 DLC and 10 games join the GeForce NOW Library this week.

GTG: good to take to play on the go

Using the power of the cloud, GeForce NOW turns almost any Android or iOS mobile device into a powerful gaming platform. As gamers seek more ways to game from their phone, GeForce NOW supports all or part of the controller when connected to a phone for real PC versions of over 800 games, including 35 free titles.

Take your games with you when streaming from the cloud to mobile devices.

GeForce NOW improves gameplay on phones by processing all your games in the cloud and streaming them directly to your device.

Members playing on iOS can enjoy all the benefits of PC gaming without leaving the Apple ecosystem. They can enjoy top PC picks like Apex Legends Where rocket league for competitive fun or AAA titles like far cry 6 Where Assassin’s Creed: Walhalla. They can also party with friends in popular online multiplayer games like Destiny 2 and ARK: Survival Evolved or take on a classic arcade challenge with Overcooked! Where Cuphead.

Gamers playing on Android devices can also play these titles from the GeForce NOW library and push their mobile gaming even further with the benefits of GeForce NOW RTX 3080 Subscription. RTX 3080 subscriptions allow 120fps PC gaming on select 120Hz Android phoneslike the Samsung S21.

RTX 3080 members also stream with the maxed out eight-hour session times on the service and can enable RTX for cinematic graphics and real-time ray tracing in supported games like Ghostrunner and Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

Additionally, mobile gamers on the AT&T network can take advantage of a special promotion. New or existing customers with a 5G device on a 5G Unlimited plan — or other eligible unlimited plan — can get a six-month GeForce NOW Priority subscription at no charge ($49.99 value). Priority Members can stream up to 60 FPS with priority access to GeForce NOW servers, extended session times and RTX ON in supported games. For more information on this special offer, read here.

Gamepads to support the game

Enjoy on-the-go gaming and comfort during long-term gaming with no additional software needed by using one of GeForce NOW’s recommended gamepads to enhance your cloud gaming experience.

Destiny 2 Witch Queen Mobile on GeForce NOW
You are in control. Game your way on mobile devices with these top picks from GeForce NOW.

Gamers playing on an iPhone can consider the Backbone One as well as the Razer Kishi. Android users can also enjoy the Razer Kishi, or the Razer Raiju and the Razer Junglecat.

Other great options for Android gamers include the Steelseries Stratus Duo and the GLAP controller to deliver high performance gameplay.

For more details and to choose the best option for your GeForce NOW mobile experience, check out these recommended devices.

Eternal Rewards

GeForce NOW isn’t just about enabling great gaming experiences. It’s also about enriching those experiences for members who game on the cloud.

Eternal Return Rewards on GeForce NOW
Look your best as you battle against others in Eternal Return with these two skins.

To celebrate the second anniversary of GeForce NOW, GFN Thursdays in February are packed with rewards.

Starting today, members can be rewarded in the free multiplayer arena game eternal return. Redeem your in-game rewards to show off your style with a Military Doctor Cathy skin and represent your love for the cloud with a custom GeForce NOW Silvia skin.

Getting membership rewards for cloud game streaming is easy. Login to your NVIDIA Account and select “GEFORCE NOW” in the header, then scroll down to “REWARDS” and click the “UPDATE REWARDS SETTINGS” button. Check the box in the dialog window that appears and start receiving special offers and in-game gifts.

Sign up for the GeForce NOW newsletter, including notifications when rewards are available, by logging into your NVIDIA Account and selecting “PREFERENCES” in the header. Check “Gaming & Entertainment” and “GeForce NOW” under topic preferences to receive the latest updates.

For more information on upcoming rewards in February, stay tuned to upcoming GFN Thursdays.

‘Fortnite’ Mobile Closed Beta Update

Over the past few weeks, several waves of invitations have been sent out to members to join the fortnite Limited time closed beta on iOS Safari and Android – and the feedback so far has been incredibly helpful.

Some players have experienced occasional and unexpected in-game frame rate drops below 30 FPS when using touch controls on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. It is most commonly encountered when using the ADS/First Person shooting mode, but has also been seen while looking, during rapid camera movement, and other scenarios.

Throughout the beta, we’ll continue to improve the experience, including working on a fix to improve frame rates, and we’ll have more information when an update is released.

In the meantime, we look forward to inviting more players into the fortnite mobile closed beta on GeForce NOW and will continue to optimize and improve the experience.

More gaming goodness, anywhere

This week also brings new content to the cloud, expanding two titles.

Take up the challenge by Apex Legends Challenge, the new season of the popular free battle royale, hero shooter. Season 12 comes with a new limited time mode and battle pass, rewards, map updates for Olympus and the new legend – Mad Maggie.

Take things to the next level in far cry 6 with the release of the third DLC, “Joseph: Collapse”, telling a new story about the villainous Joseph Seed.

Sifu on GeForce NOW
You know kung fu. Play as a young kung fu student on the road to revenge, searching for his family’s murderers in Sifu.

Additionally, GFN Thursday comes with a new batch of games joining the GeForce NOW library. Check out these 10 titles set to stream this week:

We strive to launch games on GeForce NOW as close to release as possible, but in some cases games may not be available immediately.

Finally, due to prolonged maintenance, myth of empires will be removed from the GeForce NOW library.

What device are you playing on this weekend? Let us know on Twitter and check out our setup while you’re at it.