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The Best Elden Ring Characters

Ganon Elden Ring

Elden Ring fans are ready to show off their bling with some crazy character customizations!

Without a doubt, Soulslike fans have always shown a knack for character customization.

Even before the launch, some leaked videos revealed that players are already experimenting with crazy character customization.

Now that the game is officially released, this trend has gained even more popularity. Elden Ring’s character creator offers much more flexibility than previous FromSoftware games.

In fact, this trend has become so widespread that it’s amassed an entire Subreddit dedicated to “Elden Bling.”

This dedication translates into Elden Bling designs that range from incredibly spooky to exceptionally detailed and realistic.

Here are some of the more surprising examples the Elden Bling Subreddit has in store!

Ancient Monkey Ring

Reddit: u/Prestigious_Two_998

Best Elden Ring Character Customizations – Elden Bling

These are some of the best examples of the superb creativity of Elden Ring fans when styling their characters. Without further ado, here is the best Elden Bling!

revenge itself

This Redditor has mixed up the ongoing hype for The Batman and translated it into a fantasy recreation in Elden Ring.

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Revenge Man Elden Ring Bling Character

Reddit: u/beliyPower

The god of war

Kratos is one of the most recognizable faces in the entire gaming industry. Of course, the god of war himself would undoubtedly make his way into Elden Bling!

God of War Elden Bling

Reddit: u/Mortal_Smell

Keira Metz – The Witcher

The Witcher is a perfect example of great lore in a game. This Redditor wanted to give this title the representation it deserves by recreating Keira Metz.

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Reddit: u/CanadianBear67

Gigachad Meme

When it comes to crazy customizations on Elden Ring characters, memes are the perfect source. This Redditor wanted to recreate one of the most recognizable meme faces online, Gigachad.

Gigachad Elden Bling

Reddit: u/dimasasus

Lady Maria of Bloodborne

Bloodborne is undoubtedly one of the most beloved Sublikes. The game revolutionized many aspects and aesthetics of the genre.

With all that praise in mind, a dedicated Redditor refined her character to look almost perfectly like Lady Maria from Bloodborne.

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Lady Maria Bloodborne

Reddit: u/mrtomuss

Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson is famous for his sharp cinematic lines and unique personality. Certainly seeing him travel through The Lands Between is a hilarious and fun sight to behold!

Samuel L Jackson Elden Bling

Reddit: u/Notskitzo

Peak performance

A Redditor has created what they believe is the perfect representation of peak performance. I don’t think there’s a way to deny that these are truly peak performances immortalized!

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Elden Ring Character Customization

Reddit: u/MaximusNR

beautiful squid

The never-to-be-forgotten meme is back in the form of an Elden Bling creation. No questions asked, this Redditor has completely captured the essence of the beauty of the sea, Handsome Squidward.

Handsome Squidward Elden Ring

Reddit: u/portergeist


One of the most iconic X-Men is here to take on The Lands Between. The resemblance is startling, and the whole vibe of this character earns her a spot on this list.

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Elden Ring Wolverine

Reddit: u/C0NT0RTI0NIST

Ciri – The Witcher

Ciri is one of the most notable characters in The Witcher universe. This fan put together a fantastic recreation of this character in Elden Ring.

Ciri Elden Bling

Reddit: u/otanyan12


This one was inevitable. Recently, it has become a popular trend for players to recreate Thanos in their Elden Bling designs.

Thanos Elden Bling

Reddit: u/holeacher

We can honestly say that the fans of Elden Ring are amazing and manage to surprise the community on a daily basis!

Source: r/EldenBling