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Street Fighter 5’s New Ring of Arcade Scene Features a Subtle Easter Egg from an Old Capcom Fighting Game You May Have Missed

Street Fighter 5's New Ring of Arcade Scene Features a Subtle Easter Egg from an Old Capcom Fighting Game You May Have Missed

While many of us thought Capcom was fully loaded with content for Street Fighter 5, the longtime fighting game developer made a surprise announcement to fans yesterday that showed there was even more to come. horizon. A new batch of Capcom Pro Tour DLC has been announced and will bring a new stage into the mix, as well as new costumes, colors and more.

The next big CPT scene, Ring of Arcade, is a backdrop that contains several obvious odes to past Capcom games. However, there’s also a subtle easter egg in this scene that comes from another classic title and might have gone unnoticed by some.

While fans have undoubtedly spotted Ryu, Mega Man, and Captain Commando in the background of the new arena, the most interesting reference is actually at the very end of the trailer. Capcom wrapped up the showcase with a raw clip of Alex performing his Critical Art on Urien and knocking him out, and while there’s nothing particularly special on the surface, there’s an added effect to the final part. of this one that a Twitter user is pointing out is taken from the old wrestling/fighting game, Ring of Destruction: Slam Masters 2.

When Alex slams the opponent to the ground with his super and they are knocked out, he will then go stiff and come out of the ground. He does in the trailer, and as that final blow lands, big comic text that says “DOOM” appears onscreen. This is a direct reference to Slam Masters 2, as the same text in the same style can be seen in-game when a character lands a hitting super themselves.

Twitter user PHANTOM GAMER pointed this out and shared some comparison images along with a quick video showing the benchmark in action.

Ring of Destruction: Slam Masters 2 was released in 1994 and pits powerful professional wrestlers (and even Metro City Mayor Mike Haggar) against each other in the ring. Although the first game in the series looked more like a traditional wrestling game of the era, Slam Masters 2 shifted to a 2D fighting game style similar to Street Fighter 2.

Street Fighter 5’s definitive update is set to go live on March 29. After yesterday’s news broke, we now know when we can expect game servers to go offline to make room for future content.