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Nintendo Switch games and accessories coming April and May 2022

Nintendo Switch games and accessories coming April and May 2022

With Triangle Strategy and Kirby and the Forgotten Land launching over the past few weeks, March has been a pretty exciting month for Switch fans. Fortunately, Nintendo shows no signs of slowing down with more and more games heading into April and May.

As always, we’ve been busy compiling a list of the best Nintendo Switch games and accessories to launch over the next two months, including the upcoming Wii Sports revival that’s sure to have us wiggling our Joy-Con like good ol’ time.

Underneath our highlights you’ll find many more games to check out, as well as accessories that will be launching over the next few months. Enjoy!

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From Traveller’s Tales and Warner Bros., LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga seems like a dream come true for fans of the series, allowing players to journey through all nine Star Wars saga films in the traditional LEGO block – and funny – form.

Pre-ordering the game also gets you day one access to a special Trooper Pack, so you might want to jump on this one sooner.

On the same day, we have the launch of MLB The Show 22, which brings back the beloved Diamond Dynasty mode and also includes an all-new Mini Seasons mode. Whether you want to play against your friends (cross-platform play is supported) or battle your way through the Road to the Show career, it looks like it could be a treat for baseball fans.

On April 29, Nintendo is bringing back one of the most iconic game series ever. That’s right, Sports Wii reborn as Nintendo Switch Sports.

The game will feature six sports at launch – volleyball, football, bowling, chambara, badminton and tennis of course – with future updates adding more motion control options for football matches and a brand new sports, golf.

The physical controls come with a Leg Strap accessory that lets you place a Joy-Con inside and really kick soccer balls. We truly live in the future.

The latest entry in the series of simulations from Sega and Two Point Studios is almost here, with Two Point Campus coming to Switch on May 17. The game is said to be “full of new creative tools” that will no doubt help you build the university of your dreams, with options to develop an outdoor campus environment complete with all sorts of teaching facilities, trails, plants and Suite.

We’re big fans of previous Two Point Studios titles and will definitely be checking out Two Point Campus when it launches next month. The Enrollment Edition comes with fancy packaging, campus map, college flyer, and bonus DLC!

More Switch games coming for April and May 2022

In addition to the games highlighted above, there are plenty of Switch retail games that might pique your interest over the next few weeks…

New accessories for your Switch

And finally, here is a selection of Switch accessories that are coming soon…

So that’s it for April and May – did we miss anything? Let us know with a comment and also let us know if you pre-ordered any of these treats!