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New PS5 update available now, VRR support coming “in the coming months”

New PS5 update available now, VRR support coming "in the coming months"

The latest firmware update has gone live for the PS5 and PS4 consoles, adding several new features and tweaking the user interface. PS4 users can expect a tweaked party experience, like the ability to create or join open and closed parties.

PS5 users will also get this update, while users with US and UK registered accounts can try out a preview of a new voice control system. With this, the feature will allow users to find and open games, apps, and settings, as well as control media playback with their voice.

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In the UI department, improvements to Game Base and Trophy cards, as well as accessibility features such as mono audio for headphones, have been added. The PlayStation app and PlayStation Remote Play app have also been upgraded, and it will now be “easier” to access Friends, Parties and Messaging features on PS5.

In one blog post, Sony also announced that variable refresh rate support is coming to PS5 soon, which aims to make gameplay smoother on HDMI 2.1-capable TVs and PC monitors. VRR improves the visual performance of compatible PS5 games by minimizing or eliminating visual artifacts, which in turn helps create a graphically sharper image. To take advantage of VRR, games will need to be optimized through a game patch or they can make the feature available at launch.

For games that don’t natively support VRR, it can still be applied, but Sony has warned users that it could lead to “unexpected” visual effects. Sony didn’t provide an exact date for VRR’s launch, but did mention that it will eventually launch “in the coming months.”

The previous PS5 update arrived two weeks ago, although as usual this console patch didn’t do much besides add standard system performance improvements. The last notable firmware update was the Version: patch from 21.02 to 04.00.00 in September 2021, which enabled a M.2 solid state drive to install into the console expansion slot.