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Netflix has remastered a fan-favorite Playstation game, and it’s free


By Jason Collins
| 27 seconds ago

Netflix, the world famous streaming service, dipped its fingers into the game a while back, and the efforts are paying off. The company has once again expanded its gaming lineup with the launch of two more titles, one of which is a fan-favorite PlayStation classic. To break. The new title, called Remastered Shatter, is published under Netflix Games and is currently available for iOS and Android users, completely free, only if you have a monthly subscription.

According to Comicthe last Netflix Games The title is exclusive to Netflix subscribers and has no ads, no in-game purchases, and no additional fees. This is quite odd, considering that most free titles include at least one ad that serves to defray in-game expenses. Smash Remastered has no condition attached, and no fine print either. As mentioned earlier, the game will not incur any additional costs except the amount of your monthly subscription.

The years 2009 To break was a To burst clone game, developed by Sidhe Interactive for PlayStation 3, PC and iOS. It consisted of a paddle, a ball, and a field of blocks, and players had to destroy all the blocks to clear the level. The game brought several new mechanics to the classic brick-breaking genre and received favorable reviews upon launch. But is Netflix Games Remaster as well like the original? Well, it’s hard to say, considering it still hasn’t garnered enough reviews to draw an adequate conclusion.

Shatter Remastered Netflix

Like we said before, Smash Remastered is exclusive to streaming service subscribers only, and given that the App Store lists Netflix Games as the game’s seller, that’s highly unlikely to change. And if these restrictions were lifted at some point, the free download would most likely be replaced by an upfront payment, or the game would be monetized through dishonest monetization practices associated with in-game purchases and/or advertisements.

Netflix Games recently entered into a partnership dealing with RocketRide Games, which already had several of its games distributed through Netflix’s streaming service. The company has grown its gaming service since its announcement last year when the company debuted several Stranger things-themed game titles and other casual video games. Since then, Netflix Games has added over a dozen video games.

The company also acquired Texas-based Boss Fight Entertainment and indie game developer for an undisclosed amount, marking the games company’s third acquisition by Netflix Games. The company in question, however, was founded in 2013 by former employees of Zynga Dallas and Ensemble Studios. According to Netflix, the studio has experience developing game titles across different genres and will help the streaming platform accelerate its ability to deliver more titles to its users.

But that’s not all. Earlier this month, Netflix Games also announced its acquisition of Finland’s Next Games, a mobile phone developer that has helped Netflix develop successful games. stranger things and The Walking Dead. But perhaps the most promising game title to come from Netflix Games is the first-person shoreline title called In the dead: set free, which signals that Netflix has finished testing the video game market and is moving to more dedicated production.