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Mom dragged for telling her daughter to stop playing

Mother daughter argument

Commenters were quick to call out a mother who explained why she encouraged her daughter to give up gambling in favor of more “social” hobbies on a popular internet forum.

In a Reddit post to r/AmITheA**hole, Redditor u/anonmom2002 described his 19-year-old daughter as “smart, kind, and beautiful,” but detailed her confusion with the teen’s newfound passion for video games. . Titled “AITA for telling my daughter she should find new hobbies”, the now deleted Publish received 6,700 votes and over 2,600 comments.

Beginning with the explanation that her daughter bought a game console around the start of the pandemic, u/anonmom2002 speculated that the 19-year-old is “very stuck in this phase of her life.”

“She bought herself an XBox in early 2020 and started gaming,” she wrote. “His obsession grew and because of the warrants, it was easy for him to get addicted to it.”

u/anonmom2002 also said that when it came time to make a college decision, she and her daughter disagreed.

“I suggested she should… rush for a sorority, but she said she’d rather go to a limited Greek life school,” the Redditor wrote. “She said she thought sorority life was fake and she wouldn’t be able to bond emotionally.”

“I took it offensively because I was at his age,” she added.

According to data collected by State University.

A Redditor has been slammed after explaining why she thinks her daughter should join a sorority and quit playing video games.
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the National Panhellenic Conferencean umbrella organization for female sororities in the United States and Canada, reported that 370,000 undergraduate students are members of more than 3,350 chapters on 650 campuses across the two countries.

Despite an undeniable prevalence and financial influence on college campuses and the post-graduate workplace, the conversation surrounding Greek life organizations has soured over the past two decades.

Citing instances of racism, hazing-related injuries and deaths, and repeated patterns of sexual violence, movements to remove fraternities and sororities from college campuses have emerged, but have also been met with strong resistance.

In September 2020, Voice reported that because of their financial ties and the support of life-affiliated Greek alumni, many colleges and universities have no interest in removing the organizations from their campuses.

The debate over the perceived advantages and disadvantages of Greek living arrangements has also caused significant generational divides. As parents who were members of fraternities and sororities while attending college imposed their experiences on their children, the narrative that joining a Greek life organization is the best way to make lifelong friends has evolved. .

Responding to the Reddit post, thousands of commenters took aim at the original poster and said her positive sorority experience isn’t guaranteed to translate to her daughter.

In the post’s top comment, which received nearly 19,000 votes, Redditor u/_keystitches assured the original poster that gaming is a social pastime and questioned his motive for encouraging his daughter to join. a sorority.

“You mentioned that she has lots of friends and is happy and healthy, so what’s your problem?” they commented. “That she’s not like you?” That you didn’t receive an “inheritance” carbon copy to show off for your sorority sisters?

“Let your daughter be her own person and support her,” they added.

Redditor u/OakleyDokey, whose comment received more than 5,000 votes, said the original poster is forcing his daughter to do something she doesn’t want to do and called the behavior dismissive.

“Let your daughter do what she thinks is fun,” they commented. “She’s right, you’re trying to force her to do what you did at her age.”

“It’s his life, not yours,” they added. “If you wanted what was best for her, you would let her have fun and support her. Don’t reject what she loves”