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It’s April Fool’s Day, here are the best gaming gags we’ve seen

It's April Fool's Day, here are the best gaming gags we've seen

Image: Nintendo Life

April Fool’s Day seems to be loved and hated in almost equal measure these days, but when done right, it can at least make us think. “eh, it would be cool if it was real” or even make you smile.

We’ve looked at some Nintendo and gaming themed pranks from this year and there’s a decent range of both. Enough to make you roll your eyes to infinity, but some good ones too!

All of the ones below are related to Nintendo games, so let’s get to that.

We’ll update this list with more as the day goes on…

The best April Fool’s Day 2022 video game gags

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter’s Pass Vol. 3 (our guys video)

It’s one of our adorable video crews, imagining a world where the Super Smash Bros Ultimate the list expands to an even crazier degree.

The ‘Stacker’ Switch – Vooks

Stacker switch 1
Picture: Vooks

It was one of the first to emerge this year courtesy of Vooks, who get away with being “early” due to time zones and being based in Australia. It definitely qualifies as a good one, with decent artwork and a concept that would actually be pretty nifty if it existed. The idea is that a new dock would allow you to insert up to 12 game cartridges at a time and then easily swap them out on the Switch. It’s kind of like an old-school CD changer, only better.

It’s not a completely practical idea, but it’s one we to wish was on the cards.

SEGA’s Sonic Frontiers Limited Edition –

Sonic Frontiers on April 1st

This was brought to our attention by @Nibellion on Twitter, with the actual “product page” showing an impressive amount of effort. The joke is probably that it’s not inconceivable for Sonic’s meme-obsessed marketing team to have an edition like this for sound borders – it has a “high-end” bathtub, a silk towel, a waterproof Mega Drive, a Game Gear (unusable in water) and a duck.

Hey, we would consider buying it.

Nintendo’s “Flex” – @Retro_Dodo

Nintendo Flex
Picture: @Retro_Dodo

This is another product that would actually be pretty cool. The pitch is for Nintendo to unveil the “Flex” to take on the challenge of the popular Analogue Pocket. It would play Game Boy / Game Boy Color / Game Boy Advance cartridges, connect online for trades and downloads, have a fingerprint reader (for some reason) and wireless charging. It’s fun and kudos for the design.

Yes, we would consider buying that too.

The Bearitron Convertible Monitor –

This is a website that actually sells cases to make modern monitors look like old school CRTs, just because some of us are old and can’t let go. This April Fool’s Day goes beyond being a mere “case” to have magical (fake) technology of a “flexible” screen. It has a “fancy mechanism that allows the monitor to change from a completely flat screen to the Trinitron’s signature barrel shape”, called the “Bearitron”.

Development of new blood game ‘delayed’ until 2023

New blood games
Image: Interactive New Blood

New Blood Games has brought us the rather fantastic Dusk on Switch last year, and is definitely a publisher and developer to watch. His gag was that he had to postpone all of his development work until next year because his team was too busy playing. Ring of Elden. While it’s a decent joke, we suspect some people in the real world let the real work slip while playing FromSoftware’s hugely hyped title.

We also like the “announcement posted on Twitter” format – CD Projekt Red has a lot to answer for.

Bulbapedia became Duckpedia

Picture: Bulbapedia

The popular Pokémon wiki Bulbapedia has become ‘Duckpedia’, which must be in honor of the rather impressive Quaxly, one of the starters for the next release Pokemon scarlet and violet.

These are some of the larks of this year’s April Fool’s Day festivities; be sure to share some of your favorites in the comments – we’ll be adding to those above throughout the day. If other really good ones appear, of course.