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How to get free Warzone Red Room Milano Easter Egg Blueprint on Rebirth Reinforced

warzone rebirth reinforced red room milano blueprint

Rebirth Island has been completely revamped in Warzone Season 2 Reloaded. Rebirth Island Reinforced features both new and updated points of interest. So here are the best landing spots for wins and high-level play.

Rebirth Island has quickly become a fan-favorite Warzone experience, offering a much faster pace than Verdansk and Caldera. To keep the map fresh, Raven Software and Beenox donated Rebirth Island a complete overhaulbringing Stronghold’s new point of interest and updating other fan-favorite locations.

Once you’re done exploring the new Renaissance Island, you’ll want to pick your landing spot to secure wins or high-flying plays. We detail the best landing spots in Renaissance Island Reinforced, and why you should consider landing there in Warzone Pacific Season 2 Reloaded.

Best Warzone Rebirth Island landing sites to earn


Stronghold is a completely new version of Rebirth Island Reinforced from Warzone, being an overhauled version of Safe Zone. If you can land here and win the initial fight, you’ll be set to win the game.

The only problem you might have is that the circle moves away from you, but it’s nowhere near as open as the safe zone was. Also, you can be particularly annoying if you’re holding this area, as players will be heading towards you with their key cards in the hand. Killing them will allow you to take either the keycard or the loot, giving you a huge advantage.

Chemical Engineer

chemical engineering in reinforced warzone revival island

Like everywhere on Rebirth Island, the Chemical Engineering POI will see a few players land there. But it’s an incredibly easy place to hold and you’ll have a good view of the map around you. If you go up to the roof, you will have a great view of the Docks and the bioweapons labs.

You’ll find that the circle often heads for chemical engineering, and the buy station in the back is usually safe from the prying eyes of a sniper. You may not break your kills record while holding Chemical Engineering, but you will hold an extremely powerful position on the map.

Best Warzone Rebirth Island Landing Points For High Mortality Games


Reinforced Warzone Rebirth Island Headquarters

The seat’s point of interest remains after the war zone Season 2 update reloaded, and it’s still a hot drop. Whichever team wins the seat, they have almost total control over the map, being able to look down on players in Living Quarters and Nova 6 Factory, and they also have a quick rotation in Prison Block where they can empty it and hold the roof.

Additionally, players can collect the Vikhor keycard by entering the red room located underground. Bringing it to the Stronghold POI will net you a free loadout drop, so it might be worth it.

Control center

Reinforced Warzone Rebirth Island Control Center

Rebirth Island’s Control Center has long been one of the busiest landing spots on the map, and you can get a ton of kills.

If the buy station is outside the building, you know it will be particularly busy. Most players tend to land on the roof and fight straight away, but if you can land in one of the windows, you’ll have a few seconds to loot and control the top floor.

From there, you can either climb the hill to headquarters and the factory, or make a relatively safe rotation to the docks and decontamination area.

If you prefer Warzone’s large-scale battle royale, you can also check out the best landing spots in Caldera.

Image credit: Activision