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How to Catch Transforming Pokmon Ditto in 2022 –

How to Catch Transforming Pokmon Ditto in 2022 –

How to find the elusive “hidden” Pokmon Ditto.

Same – also known as transform pokemon – is one of the most elusive creatures in Pokemon Godue to his ability to disguise himself as other creatures.

In the mainline games, this purple blob knows a move – Transform – that allows it to copy the look and moveset of the opposing Pokémon, and it’s this ability that is recreated in Pokémon Go.

the Ditto disguises in Pokémon Go also changes, so it’s a good idea to know which creatures are currently appearing as if you want to find one, especially if you want to add one brilliant Same to your collection.

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What is the Pokémon Transformed? How to Catch Ditto in Pokémon Go

Unlike all the other Pokemon we’ve seen in the game so far, Ditto doesn’t spawn in the flesh when exploring the wild. In place, Ditto will take the form of other Pokemon and reveal itself when caught.

Here’s what it looks like when you’ve caught a Pokémon that transforms into Ditto:

Catch Ditto in Pokémon Go

This means that you don’t know if the Pokemon around you are “real” or are actually a Ditto. The chances of them being a Ditto appear very slim – exact stats on its rarity are unclear at this time – so it’s all about catching as many Pokemon as possible until only one appears.

When you have it, it fits in your Pokémon bag like any other, and can be given away Candy to be upgraded, and taken into Gymnasiums for the battle.

Ditto was also made available by completing certain activities, such as September 2021 Research Breakthrough and the Pokémon Go Tour: Kanto Special Research quest.

Pokémon Ditto disguises itself in 2022: under which Pokémon Ditto can it hide?

From the beginning of 2022 April Fool’s Quest on April 1, Ditto is hiding under the following creatures:

Who does Dito claim to be?
  • Ekans
  • wasted
  • Nature
  • Surski
  • Finneon
  • Lollipop
  • Dwebble
  • whirlwind

As part of the event, all of the above will see boosted spawns between 5pm and 8pm local time – useful if you want to catch as many Ditto as possible.

Note that the list above may be event specific and may change beyond the 1st – if so, we will update it in the coming days.

New is the April Fool’s Day event, which tasks you with finding Transform Pokemon Ditto Disguises! Elsewhere, the Alola Season is here! The last event is lush junglewho introduced the An Akala Adventure and more Generation 7 Pokemon including Fomantis and Tapu Lele. Elsewhere, at the back of the Go Tour Johto Event East Apex of masterful research complete.

How to Get Shiny Ditto in Pokémon Go

Shiny Ditto was originally released in Pokémon Go as part of the Tour: Kanto Event and was one of the awards of the Pokémon Go Tour: Kanto Special Research quest, which was only available to players who brought a ticket to the event.

It was made available to all players – both in the wild or after completing a specific activity, such as a Research Breakthrough – at the start of the mischief season Wednesday, September 1, 2021.

Same brilliant.

There are two rules, however, for catching a brilliant Ditto, which we know thanks to G2gMedia on Twitter.

The first one is that if one of the Pokémon that can be a Ditto, such as Drowzee, appears in its shiny form when you try to catch it, that Pokémon will not turn into a Ditto.

This ensures that you won’t miss the chance to catch a shiny version of that Pokémon, like shiny Drowzee, that you might need for your collection.

The second is that if you manage to find a Pokemon that will turn into a ditto when caught, there is a chance that it will turn into a shiny ditto.

Among the list above, these are:

  • Ekans
  • wasted
  • Nature
  • Dwebble

Basically, if you want shiny Ditto, you need to keep catching non-shiny versions of the Pokemon listed above until you get lucky!

What Else Should You Know About Ditto in Pokémon Go

Below is more useful information about Ditto in Pokémon Go:

  • A Ditto will appear in the wild for everyone, and isn’t just a common Pokemon that can randomly transform – so if you catch one, other nearby players can also get the same. It can also appear as a result of a decoy or an incense.
  • According to Pokemon Go subreddit, you can take Ditto into the gym with amazing results. Whether attacking or defending, it will transform into an opposing Pokemon and assume its moves, but will retain its own CP and stats. Although you lose a bit of time in the opener before transforming, in theory you could take Ditto higher CP in battle and put up a good fight.
    • The first Ditto Pokemon you’ll encounter is the one it’ll assume for the rest of the Gym battle, so be sure to use it to your advantage.
    • If more than one Ditto face each other in a Gym, none will transform. If so, he will use his only other move aside from Transform – Struggle.
  • Ditto is a Normal-type Pokémon and has no evolutions. Its Pokedex entry reads: “Ditto rearranges its cellular structure to transform into other forms. However, if it tries to transform into something by relying on its memory, this Pokemon manages to mistake the details.”
  • Although they are rare, you can catch multiple Dittos – which makes sense, since they have their own Candy which is required for them to be powered up (thanks, The Silph Road subreddit to confirm it).
  • The walking distance as buddy pokemon is 3 km – the same as starters, the Abra evolution chain and much more.

Good luck catching Ditto in Pokémon Go!