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Here’s everything we know ‘Destiny 2’ is adding to PvP this year

Here's everything we know 'Destiny 2' is adding to PvP this year

It’s no secret that Bungie has been putting PvP on the back burner in Destiny 2 for quite some time now. The running theory is that most of the PvP team has broken away to work on a number of the PvP-based incubation projects that Bungie is developing, and as such Destiny PvP development has gone by. sort of…stopped outside of sandbox updates.

At the end of Year 4 we had a Trials of Osiris rewards overhaul which was well received, but here in Year 5 it looks like this “renewed focus on PvP” may come to fruition after everything, at least to some extent. Here’s everything we know about the PvP coming in Year 5 of Destiny 2, starting next season, joining the two rollover maps we got when Witch Queen arrived:

  • Next season gives us a redesign of Iron Banner similar to what we got with Trials, but maybe with a few changes. Expect the ability to focus on specific weapons, at the very least, and the tokens disappear. Rank rewards are a no-brainer, as all the other vendor revamps have them. It was also confirmed this week that there will indeed be a title based on Iron Banner to get next season. My personal theory is that Saladin becoming Valus Forge and ruling Iron Banner with the Cabal could provide real justification for these changes next season.

  • We’ve been promised at least two more maps this year, a Destiny 1 map brought back for use in Destiny 2, and a brand new Destiny 2 PvP map, presumably from somewhere we haven’t had one yet (Europe? Thone World?). Joe Blackburn said that the new PvP map will be in season 17 (next season) and the one for Destiny 1 will be in season 18.
  • In Season 19, the Unbroken title will disappear and be replaced by something else, something that doesn’t require three different seasons to unlock, according to the sound. There will also be a revamp of Glory during this time, expanding it beyond the single playlist it currently sits in, it seems.
  • Destiny 2 has also promised that “several” new PvP modes are coming this year, and there’s strong indications that one of the modes will be the return of Rift, Destiny 1’s dunk-fest PvP mode that fans wanted to see return. .
  • Beyond that, Joe Blackburn said in the maps thread that starting with Lightfall and beyond, they plan to have more “predictable roadmaps” when it comes to PvP additions to the game, whatever. something they realize they missed.

And of course, all of this will be supported by multiple sandbox updates, which has been a constant thing about Destiny PvP all this time, even to the detriment of PvE from time to time.

It might not even be the “year” of PvP if Lightfall has it planned for more, but it should be more than what we saw last year. I still think we just need one parcel maps more times and especially new PvP. A new map since, I don’t even know when (Shadowkeep?) isn’t enough.

I can’t wait to see what the coming year brings, especially with the Iron Banner revamp next season, because I really like this mode and can’t wait to see it evolve. Then after that, more to come the rest of the year, and maybe even more in 6th grade after that.

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