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Grand Turismo Fans Get One Million Backlash Credits, Big Changes

Grand Turismo Fans Get One Million Backlash Credits, Big Changes

GT7's compact cars are parked menacingly as players wait for their free microtransactions.

Screenshot: sony

A live game is once again apologize for its microtransactions, and promising to do better. In a new blog post, Gran Turismo 7 director Kazunori Yamauchi acknowledged his frustrations with the state of the game and announced that developer Polyphony Digital would award 1 million credits to each player, along with dramatic changes GT7the economy of the car to help make amends.

“Thank you for your continued support and feedback on Gran Turismo 7your voices have not gone unnoticed”, the creator of the series wrote. “I would like to apologize for the frustration and confusion caused last week with our patch updates which resulted in not only a server outage but also adjustments to the game economy which were made without a clear explanation. to our community.”

GT7 waiters went down for maintenance on March 17 and did not return until more than a day later, leaving players who had paid for the game – much of which is single-player – locked out of most of its content for an extended period. When it returned, players noticed that some of its modes weren’t giving out the same number of credits, GT7in-game currency, as they expected. Today, Yamauchi talked about what happened.

“The previously deployed patch update was intended to address an issue with inconsistent reward payouts in a portion of World Tour events,” he wrote. “But, to restore the intended balance and provide more accurate rewards based on time investment and completion, it was necessary to recalculate the reward system as a whole.”

Players bombed review GT7 on Metacritic following the outage and changes. To win them back, Yamauchi said everyone would be eligible to claim 1 million credits, the equivalent of $15, for free until April 25. He also said that a number of patches will be rolling out next month to add content and do some grinding. for credits, needed to unlock the best cars in the game, less of a soul-crushing job.

Here’s a quick summary of what’s planned:

  • Increase event rewards in the second half of World Circuits by approximately 100% on average.
  • Added high rewards for completing the circuit experience in all Gold / All Bronze results.
  • Increased rewards in online races.
  • Includes a total of eight new one-hour endurance racing events at missions. These will also have higher reward settings.
  • Increase the upper limit of unpaid credits in player wallets by 20M Cr. at 100M Cr.
  • Increase the amount of used and legendary cars on offer at all times.
  • Increase the payout value of limited-time rewards as we grow as a live service.
  • Other additions to the World Circuit event.
  • Added endurance races to missions, including 24 hour races.
  • Added online time trial and awarding rewards based on the gap of the player with the best ranked time.
  • Make the cars sellable.

More generous credit prices and the ability to resell cars are the two biggest improvements. Raising the cap on unpaid credits players can hold is another no-brainer. Why Polyphony waited after launch to make these adjustments remains a mystery. The auto economy was so stingy that some players were take advantage of a complex exploit to earn credits without even playing. Unlike many other microtransaction-intensive games, GT7 is not free. It costs $70 on PS5.