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Elden Ring new game+ is the lap of honor I didn’t know I needed

Elden Ring new game+ is the lap of honor I didn't know I needed

Because I really can’t help myself, I started the new Elden Ring+ game almost immediately after complete its crushing home stretch. It’s a remarkably liberating experience, and bullying early bosses is exactly the satisfaction I needed after so many frustrating deaths. I may just be petty, but killing Margit in five shots gave me inner peace.

I’ve done follow-up series of FromSoftware games before and the new Elden Ring plus game system is already my favorite. There is a clear and exciting difference between a normal game that makes the game feel fresh again. The Lands Between is no longer an intimidating and seemingly endless landscape. The second time around, the world is more like a mixed bag of candy, and I’m free to choose just my favorite flavors on my return tour.

See the Lands Between with fresh eyes

(Image credit: From Software)

The genius of Elden Ring’s New Game+ is that it lets you keep your card. This is the ultimate cheat sheet. The whole world is laid out before me, and all the dungeons and ruins I discovered on my first run are still neatly labeled. I lost all my grace sites, of course, but these are only a short horse ride away. I know exactly where I’ve been, I know the bosses I want to fight again, and just as important, I know which dungeons I don’t need to revisit because I’ve already looted them. If my first clear was a grueling final exam, the new game plus is an open and airy test.

Ironically, now that I no longer feel the need to pay attention to every little thing, I can see the world more clearly.