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Check out the Super Smash Bros. fighter reveal videos. Ultimate!

Check out the Super Smash Bros. fighter reveal videos.  Ultimate!


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Part 1: Check out videos of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U
Part 2: Reveal Super Smash Bros. Videos Ultimate

Now that the last fighter is out for Super Smash Bros Ultimate for nintendo switchwe take a look at the new fighter reveal trailers.

In the first partwe watched the reveal videos of the fighters who joined the battle in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. This time let’s remember the fighter reveal videos for Super Smash Bros Ultimatewith commentary from the Super Smash Bros. series director. Masahiro Sakurai!

Masahiro Sakurai:

I’m Super Smash Bros. series director Masahiro Sakurai.

The Super Smash Bros. series. is a project where we undertake collaborations that you cannot see anywhere else. We wanted to use this opportunity and create enjoyable content that people could enjoy, and that’s why we started making fighter reveal videos.

It was a lot of work to make the videos while working on the game at the same time, but there were always big reactions from the fans, so it was worth it. In this article, I’m going to give some quick comments as I go, so I hope you enjoy watching all of these videos again.

Please take this opportunity to reflect on the history of Super Smash Bros. looking at the scenes where each new fighter first appeared. You may have already seen some of the videos, but they are well worth another look!

Check out part one of the Super Smash Bros. fighter reveal videos. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U!

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. is coming to Nintendo Switch!

It’s the start of the Super Smash Bros Ultimate videos!

This video was created with the intention of announcing the game in a Nintendo Direct. Because of this, there is no reveal video for Inkling, but the Smash symbol with the cross in the circle appearing in Inkling’s eye got a huge reaction. And then to know that it happens in less than a year!

A piercing cry

This is the first fighter reveal video for the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Game.
We might have made this debut the most serious of all. I wanted to make the part where Ridley takes down Mega Man and Mario a bit more intense… However, we wanted to balance the scene, and so we did it very carefully, with lots of discussions with the international teams.

vampire slayer

Vampire Killer is the name of Simon and Richter’s whip. This was a rather high production video, with a detailed art style throughout, lots of guest characters, and even a brief glimpse of Dracula’s castle. Richter comes to save Simon just in time, but unfortunately Luigi was not so lucky…

The rivals

We knew there were a lot of requests for King K. Rool to join Super Smash Bros., so we decided to tease viewers, into believing he was coming, before revealing it was a fake – and then to show that it is in fact coming. King Dedede appears because, like the other reveal videos, we were trying to mix in fighters from other shows, to make it feel like a collaboration.

A hard worker’s dream

The scene is straight from the Animal Crossing™ series, so there are no guest appearances from other fighters…

The team had no experience making Animal Crossing footage, so we did some research and recreated it in CG. It was made by Digital Frontier, as usual. I feel like we got closer, with the movements, the camera angles and also the textures. What do you think?

Fight fire with fire

We mixed two reveals: the Echo Fighter Ken and the new fighter Incineroar. It’s literally a clash of fire against fire. It’s hard to do CG video with an Echo Fighter alone, so I’m glad we were able to do that. It is also perfectly suitable for a battle in the ring. Don’t you think the CG part and the in-game part are really dynamic?

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC

Piranha Plant joins the battle!

The Piranha Factory reveal was an additional video for the early purchase bonus. So there is no CG part, only the in-game part. Piranha Plant is not included in the Fighter Pass, so you must purchase them separately. At the time, people said they didn’t expect Piranha Plant to join the fight.

The Masked Rebel

It was the announcement video that revealed Joker as a fighter in his own right.
The actual announcement was made with “Take Your Heart”.
It was created with the concept of Joker sneaking into The Game Awards 2018 to steal a Super Smash Bros. invite, so there were two sets of dialogue: one for The Game Awards and one for the web version.
The animated parts were done by Domerica, who also worked on the cutscenes for the original Joker game.

heroic encounter

Hero was announced at E3 2019, along with Banjo & Kazooie.

Some time had passed since the game was released, so you can see Dharkon here too. The part where all the different heroes appear is really moving! This video was also shown as a commercial in some theaters ahead of the Dragon Quest™ movie in Japan.

Best friends

With Banjo & Kazooie’s reveal video, we’re aiming for what in Japanese comedy terms is called a “call back”, where we repeat the same joke. In this case, we followed King K. Rool’s video. The ending is of course inspired by the defeat of Gruntilda in the original game.

The legendary wolf

Here’s Terry Bogard’s reveal video, which anyone familiar with the NEO GEO™ system surely won’t be able to watch without a smile.

This is an in-house production of the Super Smash Bros. team. from BANDAI NAMCO studios.

Much of the pixel art is new, but we have tried to make the feel of the pixels and the method of zooming in and out close to that of the NEO GEO system.

The Ashen Demon

He’s not a character who smiles much in the original game, so we’ve given Byleth a really happy scene here…
This video was made by the team behind the original game, Fire Emblem: Three Houses™. The animated part was created by Sanzigen and the in-game part with dialogue was made by Koei Tecmo. The two companies are essentially connected by a single highway, but there would always be traffic jams whenever we needed to have a meeting.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses rated TEEN by the ESRB.

Ramen time!

The reason Captain Falcon and Kirby are here is simply because we thought it would work well.

It’s in a drawn style, akin to the Little Mac reveal video, but it’s actually mostly CG. I think it brings more variation, including screen effects.

We were careful to refer to the ramen restaurant where Min Min works while we were doing it.

A new seed!

It was memorable how Twitter reacted the moment we posted this video.

Compared to other fighters, it’s not appropriate to have Steve do things, so we went with a surreal and fun approach, with a focus on space.

The editor’s position was that Steve and Alex are both important, so for the in-game part we used them both equally.

A winged angel

The FINAL FANTASY movie released in 2005 had a huge impact.

For the revelation of Sephiroth’s membership Super Smash Bros Ultimatewe created a high production video with the goal of achieving something close to that impact.

As a result, there was an extremely strong reaction and the video is something you can really enjoy.

This is also the debut of Cloud’s additional Final Smash, Omnislash Ver. 5.

One day Pyra just disappeared

The CG part of the Pyra/Mythra reveal video is the only one where I didn’t write the plot. The cinematics of the original game, Xenoblade Chronicles 2™**, were really good, so we asked the developers, Monolith Soft, to take care of this video, including the planning. It was longer than expected, but it merges really well with the original game, and I think it worked.

The iron fist of darkness

Dropping his parents off a cliff would be at the top of Kazuya’s list of things to do!
There’s a lot of stuff for the part in the game, so we aimed to keep the CG part simple and straightforward. It’s pretty close to the art style of the original game, including things like textures. For the in-game part, we worked to make it look like the original games at first.

The last key

He’s the last fighter to be revealed, so we went back to the beginning and made it a finale. Creating so many CG fighters would have taken a lot of work! Instead we made the background black and solid, but I think that’s the best way. The in-game part also went very well. I think it’s a fitting ending.

I mentioned in an interview elsewhere how I wrote two storylines, but that’s the path we took.

We hope you enjoyed re-watching all of these revealing videos, along with Mr. Sakurai’s comments.

Thanks to the Super Smash Bros. series, there have been reveals for so many new fighters. It’s thanks to all your support that we were able to add all these fighters and release these videos.

We hope you continue to enjoy Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, now with the full roster of fighters revealed!

Learn more about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the official site.