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Bungie slams YouTube for DMCA ‘security breach’ and poor customer service

Bungie slams YouTube for DMCA 'security breach' and poor customer service

Bungie filed a lawsuit against the perpetrators of the “fraudulent” Destiny 2 video removals last week, claiming that the removal of community-created videos caused the studio “significant reputational and economic damage. “. The suit is also very critical of YouTube’s “easy to play reporting system”, which he cites as the main reason the attack on Destiny 2’s content creators was successful in the first place.

The problems started earlier this month, when several DMCA Takedown Notice have been filed against prominent Destiny 2 content creators on YouTube. It was unclear why the takedowns were being issued because they seemed to impact videos that Bungie’s policies specifically allow, and making it even weirder, some of Bungie’s own content was also being targeted.