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Best Cryptocurrency Games Where You Can Get Token Gifts in 2022

Best Cryptocurrency Games Where You Can Get Token Gifts in 2022

You can now play cryptocurrency games to earn token gifts. Read to find out more.

Earning income by playing video games has traditionally been limited to esports athletes or content creators. With Play to Earn, the average gamer can now monetize their playtime by buying and selling in-game NFTs or completing objectives in exchange for cryptocurrency rewards. Here are the best cryptocurrency games where we can get token gifts in 2022.

Battle of the Guardians

This is the newest NFT play-to-earn game, designed by a group of four game enthusiasts who wanted to understand how to play different levels of Metaverse games. It is a real-time multiplayer PvP NFT game built on the Solana network, developed by Unreal Engine. As the name suggests, it is a fighting game in which players engage in multi-kingdom conflicts in the virtual world. BOG is a fighting game where players compete to defeat opponents and earn rewards. It’s a sci-fi game with long-term growth potential that’s created using Metaverse’s fighting game principles. It features excellent graphics that provide an interesting and enjoyable gaming experience. It also offers unique NFTs and plenty of options to generate real revenue for the sake of the game and its participants.


RaceFi is a complete NFT car racing ecosystem where players can race or own parts of the game and win. All aspects of the game that can be owned come in the form of NFTs whose ownership is verifiable. RaceFi is the first AI/ML vehicle racing game in the Solana ecosystem. Players can play to earn blockchain games and money in RaceFi’s metaverse by playing various ranked game modes or owning an in-game property. Each quarter, the highest ranked players on the leaderboard will be rewarded. Players must upgrade their cars with battle add-ons to be eligible for battle mode, and matches will consist of up to eight racers. There will be no time limit or finish line; instead, participants will continue to attack and compete until only one triumph car remains.


Rainmaker is a highly qualified cryptocurrency and stock market fantasy gaming program designed to educate and bring together all stock/stock/crypto market enthusiasts around the world into one platform to play blockchain games together against others. Simultaneously, you can find out how to make money in the stock and crypto markets by playing a fantastic online trading game, employing strategies, improving investment methods and improving money management procedures. money. Rainmaker is one of the first fantasy trading platforms that operates on a basic online fantasy game principle in terms of user incentives. It leverages data from live events, analytics and fluctuations in real-time stock markets and global cryptocurrency markets, as well as real-time exchange data. Simply download the app, create a profile, enter contests and play to win daily rewards.


With a real money (POG Coin) system, Polygonum is a multiplayer survival simulation game where players can buy and trade in-game items, create their own regions, form communities, and mine coins and minerals. The game takes place in an open environment with three main areas PVP (player versus player), PVE (hunting and exploration) and FARM (farming). The single server allows customers to register and stay online using a variety of devices such as PCs and phones. Story missions, hunting, fishing, and mining are all available for those who enjoy interacting with their surroundings.

Dalarnia Mines

Launched on the Binance Launchpool, Mines of Dalarnia is an action-adventure game project that features a unique blockchain-powered real estate market. The playerbase is divided into two cooperating factions, Miners and Landlords. Miners fight monsters and destroy blocks to find valuable resources, while landowners provide land and resources. Players can also team up with friends to defeat monsters, complete quests, and unlock in-game rewards. quarter 2022. The in-game currency, DAR, is used for all in-game transactions, including upgrades, skill progression, governance, transaction fees, and more.

My neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer world-building game that combines the best of both worlds, an engaging experience for regular players and an ecosystem for NFT traders and collectors. Players buy and own virtual plots of land in the form of an NFT token from Alice or the market. The supply of available land is scarce, so prices fluctuate in the market. If you are an excellent land owner, you will unlock additional benefits through the in-game reputation system. In addition to land, players can purchase and use in-game assets like houses, animals, vegetables, decorations or cosmetic items for their avatar. The main in-game currency is the Alice Token, which is also available for purchase on Binance. Alice tokens are used for in-game transactions, like buying land, and specific DeFi services like staking, collateral, and redemption.


Mobox is a cross-platform GameFi metaverse that combines gaming NFTs with DeFi yield farming. Players can acquire Mobox NFTs, also known as MOMOs, through Binance NFT Mystery Box launches or the Binance NFT secondary market. Players can farm, battle, and generate crypto rewards with their MOMO NFTs. The platform also allows players to trade their MOMOs, stake them to mine MBOX tokens, or use them as collateral in the MOBOX metaverse. Mobox offers simple gameplay that combines free play and play to win mechanics. The game prioritizes NFT interoperability, allowing players to use their MOBOX resources across multiple games simultaneously.

Axie Infinity

Well known to the crypto community, Axie Infinity is a Pokemon-inspired Play-to-earn game where players battle, breed, and trade fantastical creatures called Axies. The game challenges players to pit their Axies against each other in exchange for an in-game currency called Small Love Potions (SLP). Each Axie is also an NFT that can be bought or sold on NFT Marketplaces.


Illuvium is an upcoming blockchain game set in an open-world RPG environment. Players travel through a fantasy world, defeating and catching creatures known as Illuvials. Once in your collection, Illivuals can be used in battle against other players as you complete quests, complete challenges, or play through Illuvium’s story. The basic mechanic of the Illuvium project is to collect and customize your NFT Illuvials. Each Illuvial has a corresponding affinity and class. There are five classes and five affinities, all with unique strengths and weaknesses. Your Illuvial becomes more powerful as you win battles and complete quests.

The sandbox

The Sandbox is a Play-to-Earn virtual metaverse, where users can own land, play games, or even create their own game. Contribute to the virtual world as a collector, artist, or game-maker, or discover the different games as a regular player. If you’re looking to buy land or digital real estate, The Sandbox is one of the biggest names in the metaverse.

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