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AOC enters the 165Hz refresh rate battlefield with its AGON G2 gaming monitors

AOC enters the 165Hz refresh rate battlefield with its AGON G2 gaming monitors

AGON by AOC reveals that its flagship G2 series is now expanded by new models with more instantaneous IPS panels. AGON by AOC is releasing four monitors with or without height-adjustable stands and USB hubs, featuring a new increased refresh rate of 165Hz – the 24G2SPU, 27G2SPU 24G2SPAE and 27G2SPAE.

AGON by AOC offers four new 165Hz refresh rate gaming monitors for users of all backgrounds who need the necessary multi-monitor support offered by the company

The AGON by AOC portfolio presents a wide assortment of possibilities for a diverse type of player. Casual users would be more inclined to look at the flat IPS panels or the curved VA panels of the G2 series, while hardcore gamers would want the bold 1000R curvature of the G3 series. Monitors such as the 24″ (60.5cm) 24G2U and its 27″ (68.6cm) 27G2U siblings are two of the best-selling gaming monitors on the market thanks to the exceptional value and excellent performance that both models offer players.

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AGON by AOC is strengthening its grip on the market and updating these models with 165Hz refresh rates. From the end of March, the 24G2SPU and 27G2SPU will replace the 24G2U and 27G2U. Equipped with ergonomic stands that allow customization of height, tilt, rotation and swivel, these monitors can be perfectly arranged for their users to access an enhanced gaming experience while providing gamers the ability to use multiple screens in a multi-monitor setup. The 24G2SPU and 27G2SPU feature a built-in 4-port USB hub, allowing users to connect keyboards and mice to the monitor, reducing desktop clutter. In addition, both screens house a pair of 2W speakers.

The models’ sleek, frameless 3-sided configuration fits perfectly on modern battle stations and enhances multi-monitor setups. IPS panels deliver incredible Full HD resolution, providing gamers with high frame rates without stressing the user’s graphics card. The 165Hz refresh rate produces a cleaner gaming experience giving gamers a competitive edge. A 1ms MPRT response time virtually eliminates ghosting for crisp, blur-free visuals, while Adaptive-Sync support stops stuttering and tearing using a variable refresh rate.

Users with multi-monitor setups may consider simpler monitors. AGON by AOC offers the 24G2SPAE and 27G2SPAE as clean choices without a USB hub and with simpler support. Similar to the 24G2SPU and 27G2SPU in panel terms but with a smaller feature set, they are fully suited for dual/triple monitor setups or consumers currently equipped with monitor arms such as AOCs. AD110D0 using the VESA mounting option.

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All four new models feature game-specific settings, such as Game Color (for adjusting saturation), Dial Point (reticle overlay for precise aiming), LowBlue Mode for longer gaming sessions at night, and three game for different genres such as FPS. , RTS, Racing as well as three user customizable ways. The new modern G-Menu OSD software makes it easy to adjust display details.

The AOC GAMING 24G2SPU and 27G2SPU are currently available from late March/April 2022 at MSRP of $263.80 and $324.47. The AOC GAMING 24G2SPAE and 27G2SPAE will be available from July 2022 at $237.42 and $296.77.