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Amazon is finally gaining ground in video games

Amazon is finally gaining ground in video games

Amazon Game Studios is having great success with its new game, New world. In this crazy live excerpt from “The Gaming Show”, recorded on February 14Motley Fool contributors Jon Quast and Jose Najarro discuss the potential of New world be a resounding success for Amazon.

Jon Quast: We’ve talked a bit about Amazon games here in the past. His first game, what was it called? I wrote it here and can’t find it yet, but the first game was OK. It was not really very reviewed, that of Amazon Studios, but this Lost Ark.

Jose Najarro: New world?

Jon Quast: New World, yes. Thanks, Jose. This new game from Amazon Game Studios, it is doing very well according to Steam DB data. It is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. A bunch of people go online and you play a role. Number 2 right now is for this genre of games behind PUBG Battlegrounds. Just to give you some perspective here, PUBG Battlegrounds leads with the highest 3.3 million concurrent players, but Lost Ark at 1.3 million and it’s not such an old game. It’s a fairly new game, so interesting to finally see Amazon, maybe gaining some traction here in video games.

Jose Najarro: Yeah, this one was pretty interesting, as you mentioned, John. It is the second highest concurrent play on Steam. I think in all genres like you mentioned 1.3 it broke records. It’s a brand new game. I think one of the main reasons I was saying hey it hasn’t really gotten better is that their servers are just overloaded, people are just sitting around, waiting to get into the game. I wonder if more servers were available, how much more growth? I wonder if this impasse of people waiting is not preventing growth at the moment.

I know that Amazon announced earlier today that, not Amazon itself but the studio that is partnering with Amazon games, they are opening new servers to fix this issue, so more people can play the game. It’s also one of those free games where you don’t have to pay anything to participate. It’s starting to become a big norm in the game market but I was just looking at this and there’s a lot of ways that Amazon has these transactions, micro-transactions that happen in this game and I’m pretty sure that’s where most of the revenue will come from.

Jon Quast: The thing I was thinking when reading this news is that we talk a lot about the Metaverse in our articles on We talk about it a lot here on the gaming show. We talk about it in many places. One of the things about the metaverse and why we say it’s not really here and not the way it’s supposed to be one day. One of the components of the metaverse is that it will be accessible to many more people than 1.3 million. We already see 1.3 million who are already struggling a little. We’ll talk more about that here in a moment, but the networks are already strained. It’s one of those things that you’re going to see grow more and more over the next 5-10 years. Platforms that will be able to simultaneously support hundreds of millions of people. For these futuristic visions of the metaverse to truly take on the shape they’re projecting right now. Just something I was thinking while reading this news from Amazon.

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