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A Witcher 3 fan dramatically cracks the game to find the ‘final secret’

A Witcher 3 fan dramatically cracks the game to find the 'final secret'

Geralt from The Witcher 3 rides through the Blood and Wine expansion on horseback.

Picture: CD Project Red

nearly seven years later The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt released, players were still unsure if they had discovered everything there was to see in the sprawling fantasy game. Recently, a developer at CD Projekt Red teased a “final secret” in the game, prompting a player to break the game with time travel looking for it.

YouTuber xLetalis has made hundreds of videos detailing the smallest things in The Witcher 3, but even he hadn’t seen it all. Back in December 2019, xLetalis make a video detailing a lot of things in the blood and wine expansionincluding the eventual fate of Vivienne of Tabris, the NPC at the center of one of the game’s most convoluted side quests.

In classic Witcher mode, Vivienne was cursed and is now sometimes a bird monster as a result. To save her, Geralt can spare her by moving the curse onto his lover, or break it completely using an Oriole Egg, though her lifespan will be shortened to that of the bird in the process, being seven years. .

Vivienne tells the tragic story of her life to Geralt.

Screenshot: CD Projekt Red / xLetalis / Kotaku

Choose the latter and the lady-in-waiting will start traveling the world and eventually say she’s heading to Skellige. You can only find her by using the game console command tricks on pc, Nevertheless. In the video, xLetalis showed Vivienne visiting Kaer Trolde’s stronghold. But it turns out that wasn’t the actual end of his questline.

“It’s great to see people still finding new things years after we came out. Witcher 3!” wrote CDPR lead quest designer Phillipp Weber in a tweet sharing the video in January 2020. “I wonder when they’ll find Vivienne’s last secret.”

xLetalis said in a recent video that he was unaware of Weber’s tweet, but that his fans and those of the game were. In a CDPR charity stream earlier this month for Ukraine aid (via Gamer on PC), lead quest designer Philipp Weber was asked about the “last secret”.

“It has to do with blood and wine but it’s not what you think it is,” he said. “It actually goes a bit further.”

A few days later, the YouTuber posted a video of where he tried troubleshoot what it might be. He first tried to fill the blood and wine storyline before ending the main campaign in Skellige in hopes of triggering a new scene or dialogue. Nothing. Then he tried to complete the Crones questline while wearing one of Vivienne’s feathers on Geralt’s head in case the secret was buried very deep in the game. Again, nothing.

“The only thing I haven’t tried yet is something my viewers have jokingly suggested, which is to meditate for seven full years in-game to see if Vivienne dies in Kaer Trolde.” Joke or not, viewers were right. xLetalis had already meditated forwarding time more than a hundred times during his initial investigation. More than 2,400 days to go. Instead, he decided to use console controls to speed up both the game and its day and night cycle. On the last day of his new life, he followed Vivienne into Kaer Trolde and she collapsed on the ground.

“It’s kind of poetic that my 7 year old Easter egg was found almost 7 years after the release of The Witcher 3,” Weber wrote. “Hats off to xLetalis for their detective work on the game! »

As Gamer on PC points out, a article in German from April 2020 had already revealed that Vivienne would die in-game after the time lapse, though xLetalis and Weber seemed to ignore it (neither immediately responded to a request for comment). This fact does not seem to have penetrated the collective consciousness of Witcher 3 neither does the subreddit. But xLetalis didn’t stop there. He had already traveled back in time for seven years. Why not continue?

GIF: CD Projekt Red / xLetalis / Kotaku

“There seems to be an end of time,” he said in his discovery video. “I don’t know exactly when, probably like 10 years, where time goes into the negative and the whole world breaks.”

After reaching this point, the game begins to turn bright red. Large white spots are appearing all over the world.

“Is it Ragnarok or Gaunter O’Dimm taking over or just some sort of technical engine limitation?” xLetalis asked. “I do not know.”

I guess the latter. Still, xLetalis suggested he could visit the Invisible Elder at the gate between the vampire world and the human world during this game-crushing apocalypse to see if anything is up. Even though it was The Witcher 3“The Last Secret”, I’m sure some fans will find out new things to hunt.